Data Governance (made simple)

Take control of your data assets with data governance software
combined with a simple 4 step approach

We can help you start a data governance initiative and have tangible results in just a few weeks with smart and easy to use software of Semanta. We only ask of you to:
THINK BIG. Start small.
But start!
Learn by doing and enjoy the benefits from day 1.

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.
— Henry Ford
This video gives an 1,5 minute overview of Semanta, the software that makes Data Governance SImple.

Why should we?

What reasons can you have for wanting to start a data governance initative. And more importantly what benefits can it deliver.



We offer an agile, 4 step approach with small steps that lead to large changes when executed smartly. Simplicity and focusing on one task at a time are the cornerstones of the 4-step approach.

With what?

The enabling foundation for the data governance initiative: Semanta. There is no knitting without needles.


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